Thanksgiving: An American Treasure

Thanksgiving family

“I’m sorry, guys. The gravy’s not quite ready. Seems it always takes longer than I expect.”

The family is getting restless. One person snitches a pickle off the relish plate thinking she’s not been seen. The farmer lifts a lid off a pot to peer inside. A four-year-old stares at a plate of cupcakes and may soon lose his battle with self-control.

The table with all extra leaves can accommodate a crowd. Nearby, an overflow table has room for an additional six people. China, crystal, and silver grace the settings. Wonderful aroma fills the air. And, the gravy is nearly ready.

Thanksgiving in America. There’s nothing like it. The secular world has commercialized so many of our holidays—Santa, overspending, and overdecorating for Christmas; bunnies, eggs, and new clothes for Easter; and guilt if you don’t appropriately honor your parents for Mother’s and Father’s Days.

For some reason, the world has left Thanksgiving untouched. It is still about family and giving thanks to our Creator for his abundant blessings.

Finally, the word goes out: Dinner is ready. Everyone circles around the main table and holds hands. The farmer prays, thanking God for family, health, and harvest. He asks special blessings on the family members who are absent today. When he finishes by thanking God for the food, he’s already thinking about the pumpkin pie.

In this family, there is no kid table, so adults and kids choose a spot at either table, pick up a plate, and start through the buffet line. No one will go hungry. To the contrary, there will be leftovers for too many days.

History of Thanksgiving

Since the first settlers arrived on its shores, America has paused to give thanks for harvest, protection and provision. Celebrating Thanksgiving was decreed by a presidential proclamation in 1863, and the date was set by federal legislation in 1941. Our nation has a long tradition of pausing to give thanks.

Thanksgiving for Future Generations

It is up to each generation to continue the tradition. Treasure this holiday with your family. It is uniquely American and uniquely points to our Creator and his provision in our lives.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends.

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