Chores: 3 Answers to the Question – Should Kids Be Paid?

Teen doing chores by mowing lawn

Are chores something kids do for free because they are a part of the household, or should they be paid? Let’s divide chores into three groups and look at the question for each category. Each Person Is Responsible for Personal Chores That includes being responsible for one’s own messes and…  Read More

Chores: One Way to Guarantee Success

teen girl doing chores

Chores run more smoothly if each family member knows what’s expected. Chores: 5 Ways to Get Organized A sign up sheet is a good way to communicate those expectations allowing each family member to plan his or her week with time for chores. What Teens Say Adolescents complain that they…  Read More

Chores: Variety Adds Spice

girl doing chores by helping with grocery shopping

Chores work best using a signup sheet: Chores: 5 Ways to Get Organized. In my last blog, I mentioned as a common chore “purchasing and putting away groceries.” I could imagine readers thinking, “Allow my children to purchase and put away groceries?” Vary Chores As Training for Adulthood Designating only…  Read More

Chores: 5 Ways to Get Organized

Family doing chores together

Organizing family chores can make a household run smoothly and make it more likely that everyone’s attitude is positive. Here are five guidelines that help a family get organized: “Clean Up Your Own Mess” All family members are responsible for their own messes. That means taking their dishes to the…  Read More