Trust: How to Handle Teen Untrustworthiness

Her daughter was abusing privileges extended to her. She had a credit card for her monthly allotment of gasoline. Not only did she often exceed her limit, but Mom found out that she sold credit-card-purchased gasoline to friends when she needed cash. “How can I trust her? I gave her…  Read More

Faithfulness Learned from Trustworthy Parents

Faithfulness learned from father who keeps his promises

Faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) that our children learn about through their relationship with us. How do we teach children to have faith in a God they cannot see?  We first teach them to have faith in someone they can see—their parents. Faithfulness Learned from A…  Read More

Fathers Teach Trust and Obedience

Father and child laughing as child rides piggy back

A child’s understanding of Father God is shaped by his relationship with his earthly father. If a single mom or relatives are raising a child, this fact may seem discouraging. In my own circumstance, a caring grandfather stepped in to provide a father figure for my children. They still had…  Read More