Communication the Morning after the Party

Communication with teens needs food

Communication between teens and their parents can make or break their relationship. In last week’s post, an incident occurred that had the potential for erupting into an argument. Dylan’s parents used good communication skills to prevent temper flares and to help Dylan learn from his mistakes. Dylan Dreads Facing His Parents…  Read More

Christian Parenting: from Lukewarm to Blazing Hot

Christian parenting included teaching teen to study Bible

Christian parenting: Move from the lukewarm kind of parenting that follows the culture to a living, breathing, on-fire kind of parenting that will make a difference. It’s called “blazing hot.“ Dylan’s Story “I work hard to teach my children how to live out their faith in their daily lives. I…  Read More

Show Respect or Deliver an Insult?

Teen Girl Show Respect

Respect—it’s easy to talk about, but sometimes difficult to deliver. Erin was in a tough spot, but chose the high road by respecting her teacher even when she knew her peers would give her a hard time. Respect in Action “That’s enough class. I have had it up to here.”…  Read More