Overscheduled: It’s Epidemic

Being overscheduled has become so much a part of our culture that kids don’t know what it’s like to be still and free of pressure—even for a few moments. Let’s listen to an overscheduled teen who sat in my counseling office and told her story. Overscheduled Teen  Uncontrolled sobbing shook her…  Read More

Cyber Bullying: 4 Ways Parents Can Stop It

cyber bullying

Cyber bullying hurts kids and often results in suicide (anger turned inward) or school shootings (anger turned outward). As adults concerned about kids, what can we do? In 2001, I wrote an article about school violence. I mentioned metal detectors, search dogs, and see-through backpacks. Today we’re talking about allowing…  Read More

Readiness: 4 Skills for Kindergarten

Kindergartner with readiness skills

Readiness for kindergarten, in addition to the ability to form visual images from written and spoken words, includes four essential behavioral skills. Readiness Skill #1: Listen to and carry out verbal instructions. To teach this to your preschooler, begin with one instruction and advance to a series of three or…  Read More

Anger: Is It Aimed at Injustice or Unfairness?

Drive not expressing anger at policeman

High school students often expressed to me their anger about a teacher who punished them for breaking a rule, when another student doing the same thing didn’t get in trouble. I explained that their punishment was unrelated to the behavior of other students. They simply did something wrong, were caught,…  Read More

Kindness Taught by “Heart Training”

Student shows kindness by sitting with lonely handicapped girl

Kindness in children is a joy to observe. A three-year-old generously shares her toys with a visiting friend. A fourth-grader joins a handicapped classmate in the cafeteria, because she’s at a table by herself. A sophomore stops in a crowded hallway to help a fellow student pick up the books he…  Read More