Consistency in Discipline

broken down fence to portray lack of boundaries in discipline

The room was eerily quiet considering that it held over twenty preteens. The young man facing off against me was tall enough to look me straight in the eye when he declared, “You can’t make me.” My teacher training took over, reminding me that confrontations should never take place in…  Read More

3 Ways to Get to the Heart of a School Problem

Kindergarten teacher and children, happy, looking at globe

Twenty-one smiling faces greeted me that morning. They eagerly waited to see what the new teacher would do. Would she make their world a good place the seven hours a day she spent with them in the sixth grade? From that classroom of twenty one would come a banker, an…  Read More

6 Ways to Encourage Younger Siblings in Academics

Discouraged student looking at book

In my last post, I wrote about younger siblings who become rebellious when faced with the challenge of being as good as an older sibling. See Younger Sibling Rebels Rather Than Compete. Often rebellion takes the form of overt misbehavior such as acting out in class, destroying property, or being…  Read More

Younger Sibling Rebels Rather Than Compete

Teen Girl playing guitar because of sibling rivalry

In my last post, I listed several possible causes of rebellion. See What Causes Rebellion? Today, I will look at the first one only – the failure to be as good as an older sibling. One approach to child psychology says that all behavior of a younger child is driven by…  Read More

What Causes Rebellion?

Mother and daughter at piano with mother teaching

When a child is rebellious, there is always an underlying cause. In a nutshell, the child is trying to find a way to feel better. Even when parents are trying their best to make each child feel loved and special, he or she may see things differently. Examine your child’s…  Read More