Forgiveness: 5 Steps

Forgiveness is tough. It’s a nasty thing, this business of harboring unforgiveness. Bitterness eats at our soul and cuts into our joy. We must give our kids the tools both to forgive and to receive forgiveness. Five steps toward forgiveness: Recognize the problem. Sometimes we hold unforgiveness and don’t know…  Read More

A Middle Schooler Needs to Question Values

Middle schooler in park at night

Middle schoolers are wired to question the values they’ve been taught. Listen in on a conversation between thirteen-year-old Gavin and his mom. “Mom, some of the guys are meeting down at the park tonight at midnight. May I go?” “What’s happening in the park at that hour?” “Nothing. We’re just…  Read More

Disciplining a Rebellious Teen without Arguing

teen girl, crossed arms, rolling eyes, attitude

Teens are bigger, louder, and more persistent than toddlers, so how is it possible for a parent to outlast a teen’s rebellion? (See previous blog about persistence with toddlers: To Discipline, You Must Win the Face-Off.) The thing about teens is that they love to argue and to have the last…  Read More

To Discipline You Must Win the Face-Off

Toddler boy looks like being disciplined

The hardest part of discipline is being consistent. See my previous article Consistency in Discipline and my confession in Comments. Teaching Obedience I heard a story about a parent trying to get her eighteen-month-old son to stay off the floor she was mopping. The easiest way to do that would have…  Read More