Proverbs 31: It’s Most Important Message

Proverbs 31 women with their families

Proverbs 31 is not what many people think—a model against which women should measure themselves. It is actually a song that praises a virtuous woman and was used by a mother to teach her son, King Lemuel. Recent posts, Dating a Proverbs 31 Girl, Physical Beauty Not the Whole Story,…  Read More

Dating a Proverbs 31 Girl

dating began when cleaning up the left over pumpkins in the cafeteria

Dating was the last thing on Daniel’s mind as he surveyed the mess of tables, decorations, and broken-down pumpkins. The National Honor Society hosted a city-wide Halloween festival the night before. It was a lot of work for only fifteen kids. There were booths for pumpkin decorating and apple-dunking—something some…  Read More

Proverbs 31 for 21st Century Male Teens?

A guy who's found a Proverbs 31 girl

Proverbs 31 for a teen boy? A proverb about the perfect wife doesn’t sound like teen reading material, but there’s an important lesson for young men. Read verses 10-31 with your teen son. After he has rolled his eyes and said, “Really, Mom,” challenge him to find only one characteristic…  Read More