Bullying: The Perfect Rebuttal

Bullying hurts

Bullying comes in many forms. Some of the most hurtful are the comments girls make about other girls’ clothes, makeup, and hair. Teens are insecure about how they look, so the verbal attacker can easily recognize the vulnerable places. Bullying with Words The harsher the “put down” the better according to…  Read More

Peer Pressure and a Teen Party

peer pressure tough for teens

Peer pressure is the most difficult challenge teens face. Even good kids fall victim to doing what other kids are doing even when it’s wrong. Peer Pressure to Go to Barn Party Dylan, the high school senior in recent articles, seems a saint. As any parent knows, no teens are…  Read More

Communication with a Middle Schooler

communication between mom and preteen son

Gavin and Mom sit down at the table after dinner. Earlier, Gavin asked for permission to hang out at the park with friends late at night. Rather than argue with him after she said no, Mom gave him the opportunity to try a different way of communicating. She hopes that…  Read More

A Middle Schooler Needs to Question Values

Middle schooler in park at night

Middle schoolers are wired to question the values they’ve been taught. Listen in on a conversation between thirteen-year-old Gavin and his mom. “Mom, some of the guys are meeting down at the park tonight at midnight. May I go?” “What’s happening in the park at that hour?” “Nothing. We’re just…  Read More

Modest Dress: A Tough Choice

Modest Dress-the boys still notice

Modest dress is a term that shows up often in conversations between teen girls and their parents. They never seem able to agree on what it means or how it applies to the teens’ clothing choices. Dilemma in the Clothing Store Mia stepped out of the dressing room to look…  Read More