Moral Maturity before Adolescence?

middle grade students hanging out with friends

Are you waiting for your child’s moral maturity to develop about the time he or she is eighteen? That’s the age of legal maturity and often physical maturity, so it seems logical that moral maturity would be completed about that same time.

2 Ways to Make Punishment Effective

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In my last post, I wrote about first-time obedience with older children. I said, “Consequences for disobedience must be delivered every time.” That sounds great, but I hear from parents all the time that they cannot find a punishment that works with their older children. Consequences for disobedience must meet…  Read More

First-time Obedience with Older Children

Grade school aged boy building bird house

First-time obedience is harder if a child is several years old and accustomed to waiting for his parents to repeat their instructions or correction several times. There were times I let my children slip into the habit of ignoring me the first few times, and it was hard to get…  Read More

3 Ways to Make Delivery of Correction More Effective

father kneeling to talk to preschooler

First time obedience is a sometimes controversial subject, perhaps because it takes discipline on the part of parents to enforce it. Why First-time Obedience Is Important For reasons why it’s important, see my article in the Hale Center Insider. There’s another reason why it’s essential. If children have been trained…  Read More