Choose the Best Punishment for Teenagers

Clock showing missed teen curfew

The young man sat in my high school counseling office. “I’m grounded for the rest of the year,” he moaned. “I won’t even get to enjoy being a senior. What am I going to do?” How Parents Typically Punish Teens As a counselor, I learned a couple of things about…  Read More

Consistency in Discipline

broken down fence to portray lack of boundaries in discipline

The room was eerily quiet considering that it held over twenty preteens. The young man facing off against me was tall enough to look me straight in the eye when he declared, “You can’t make me.” My teacher training took over, reminding me that confrontations should never take place in…  Read More

3 Issues Related to Changing Behavior

There are three aspects to consider when we want to change the behavior of a rebellious child. Each is equally important and will be addressed separately. 3 Issues Related to Behavior Change Something is causing the child to rebel. There is a definite remedy related to the cause. There must…  Read More