Grandparent Stand-ins

Grandparent relationships are important to both generations. Many of us have fond memories of playing, working, and hanging out with our grandparents. With families scattered across the country, it may be difficult for kids to bond with a grandparent. We can always Skype to develop cross-generational bonds, but that’s not the same…  Read More

Honor Your Parents–Generation to Generation

Honor your parents

Honor your parents. We listened as our parents told us to honor them, and now we teach our children to honor us. But, do we realize that God blesses thousands of generations after us because of our faithfulness to his commandments?  “Therefore know that the Lord your God, He is God, the faithful God…  Read More

6 Ways to Encourage Younger Siblings in Academics

Discouraged student looking at book

In my last post, I wrote about younger siblings who become rebellious when faced with the challenge of being as good as an older sibling. See Younger Sibling Rebels Rather Than Compete. Often rebellion takes the form of overt misbehavior such as acting out in class, destroying property, or being…  Read More