Teach God’s Word…Diligently

Teach children about God

“Teach them diligently to your children…” God spoke to the Israelites about how to teach their children his law in every aspect of their lives. When we fail to do that, our children will flounder just as those who followed Joshua’s generation. Joshua and his peers were too busy conquering…  Read More

Teach Children Diligently

father using Bible to teach daughter

Does what we teach our children about our faith really matter? In 2001, as I watched the media coverage of President George W. Bush’s inauguration, I heard news commentators make comparisons between his values and those of President Clinton. They said that while both men were baby boomers, President Clinton…  Read More

3 Steps to Building Courage

Courage needed to enter Promised Land despite abundant fruit

Courage was what the children of Israel needed to enter the Promised Land. Moses sent twelve spies to see about the land and the people who inhabited it. Although they found rich land producing abundant fruit, they also found fortified cities and giants. (Numbers 13:1-33) Ten of the returning spies…  Read More

Bible Stories Speak to All Ages in a Family

Family reading Bible stories

Bible stories speak to each person at his or her developmental level. By the time my grandson was two years old, he wanted my daughter to read his Bible story book more than all his other books. His interest made me think about the power of Bible stories. How wonderful…  Read More

A Belt of Truth Empowers Parents

Open Bible in woman's hand with Cross bookmark

What do you think is the most important thing parents must do for their children? I believe our greatest calling is to build a Christian foundation for them. We have eighteen short years to put that foundation in place before they venture into the world on their own. When they…  Read More