Teach Your Child to Make Friends: First Step

Make friends-hard to do

Does your child or teen make friends easily? I wrote about reaching out to those who seem friendless, but it could be that you have a child who needs to be on the receiving end of such an outreach. There are several reasons why some kids don’t fit in with…  Read More

Goodness: Teach Obedience before Moral Lesson

Goodness a lesson two little girls need to learn

Goodness, a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), can also be called righteousness or moral excellence. What does that look like in a child, and how do we guide our children to embrace goodness? Goodness at Age Three Emma and Madison, three-year-old friends, are playing with their dolls while their…  Read More

I don’t want that child in my home again!

rude child acting sulky and pouty

For the first few years of their lives, we control our children’s selection of friends. They are often the children of our own friends or children from our church or neighborhood. In late elementary, that begins to change. As they meet more children at school, their group of friends expands….  Read More