To Discipline You Must Win the Face-Off

Toddler boy looks like being disciplined

The hardest part of discipline is being consistent. See my previous article Consistency in Discipline and my confession in Comments. Teaching Obedience I heard a story about a parent trying to get her eighteen-month-old son to stay off the floor she was mopping. The easiest way to do that would have…  Read More

2 Ways to Make Punishment Effective

young girl on bed reading a book

In my last post, I wrote about first-time obedience with older children. I said, “Consequences for disobedience must be delivered every time.” That sounds great, but I hear from parents all the time that they cannot find a punishment that works with their older children. Consequences for disobedience must meet…  Read More

First-time Obedience with Older Children

Grade school aged boy building bird house

First-time obedience is harder if a child is several years old and accustomed to waiting for his parents to repeat their instructions or correction several times. There were times I let my children slip into the habit of ignoring me the first few times, and it was hard to get…  Read More

3 Ways to Make Delivery of Correction More Effective

father kneeling to talk to preschooler

First time obedience is a sometimes controversial subject, perhaps because it takes discipline on the part of parents to enforce it. Why First-time Obedience Is Important For reasons why it’s important, see my article in the Hale Center Insider. There’s another reason why it’s essential. If children have been trained…  Read More