Forgiveness: 5 Steps

Forgiveness is tough. It’s a nasty thing, this business of harboring unforgiveness. Bitterness eats at our soul and cuts into our joy. We must give our kids the tools both to forgive and to receive forgiveness. Five steps toward forgiveness: Recognize the problem. Sometimes we hold unforgiveness and don’t know…  Read More

Communication with Teens: 7 Keys

Communication between parents and teens should be empowering

Communication with teens is complicated even in families that have a history of good relationships. There is all that stuff—hormones, peer pressure, and the need for independence—that gets in the way. But, it’s still possible to make it work. Communication after Disobedience Let’s look at the story from a couple…  Read More

Developmental Stages’ Impact on Teaching Kids

developmental stages and parenting

What do developmental stages have to do with Christian parenting? If our goal is to raise children who are blazing hot Christians, we need to understand what to expect at different ages in order to optimize our teaching. None of us chooses to be lukewarm for Christ. “So then, because…  Read More

Healthy Kids and the Kingdom

Healthy Kids play outside

To raise healthy kids requires extra effort by parents. There are germs, junk food, and the call of electronic screens that fight our efforts. One of the hardest parts of parenting healthy kids is getting them to exercise. When “Outside” Was a Place Healthy Kids Wanted to Be Living on…  Read More