Bible Stories Speak Truth to Children

Bible story of David and Goliath

Bible stories are this grandmother’s all time go-to for the last story of the night. Bible Stories for Bedtime Three children snuggled against me in the big bed. The boys were six and three with a five-year-old sister holding her own between her brothers. We had read The Fat Cat,…  Read More

3 Steps to Building Courage

Courage needed to enter Promised Land despite abundant fruit

Courage was what the children of Israel needed to enter the Promised Land. Moses sent twelve spies to see about the land and the people who inhabited it. Although they found rich land producing abundant fruit, they also found fortified cities and giants. (Numbers 13:1-33) Ten of the returning spies…  Read More

Chores: Variety Adds Spice

girl doing chores by helping with grocery shopping

Chores work best using a signup sheet: Chores: 5 Ways to Get Organized. In my last blog, I mentioned as a common chore “purchasing and putting away groceries.” I could imagine readers thinking, “Allow my children to purchase and put away groceries?” Vary Chores As Training for Adulthood Designating only…  Read More