Consistent Discipline Is Good Discipline

Consistent discipline — one of the hardest things for parents to master. Do you have trouble sticking to your guns? You’re not alone. Let’s listen in as two teen girls discuss their parents’ discipline. Overheard in a classroom Two thirteen-year-old girls sat in my empty classroom. School didn’t start for…  Read More

Communication with Teens: 7 Keys

Communication between parents and teens should be empowering

Communication with teens is complicated even in families that have a history of good relationships. There is all that stuff—hormones, peer pressure, and the need for independence—that gets in the way. But, it’s still possible to make it work. Communication after Disobedience Let’s look at the story from a couple…  Read More

Sibling Rivalry: 5 Ways to Lessen the Friction

Sibling rivalry between sisters

Sibling rivalry occurs in almost all families unless there’s only one child. When you experience it in your home, you aren’t alone. It has been happening since the world began. (Cain and Abel, Genesis 4:1-15). Other examples from God’s word are Esau and Jacob (Genesis 27), Joseph and his brothers…  Read More