Table Talk: Questions to Make It Work

Family table talk can ease the pain of new glasses

Table talk in a family is the conversation that happens around a meal whether it’s breakfast or dinner, fancy or plain, fast food or gourmet. The food is important, but not as important as the relationships built and values explored. The Day Mom Got New Glasses  Jackson put down his…  Read More

Family Meals: Too Important to Skip

Family Meals important to kids

Family meals have such a vital role in the transmission of our faith, our values, and our culture that we cannot afford to skip them. We are all too busy, but this is one activity that must not be sacrificed because of our schedules. Family Meals or Command Central The…  Read More

Communication with Teens: 7 Keys

Communication between parents and teens should be empowering

Communication with teens is complicated even in families that have a history of good relationships. There is all that stuff—hormones, peer pressure, and the need for independence—that gets in the way. But, it’s still possible to make it work. Communication after Disobedience Let’s look at the story from a couple…  Read More

Communication the Morning after the Party

Communication with teens needs food

Communication between teens and their parents can make or break their relationship. In last week’s post, an incident occurred that had the potential for erupting into an argument. Dylan’s parents used good communication skills to prevent temper flares and to help Dylan learn from his mistakes. Dylan Dreads Facing His Parents…  Read More

Communication with a Middle Schooler

communication between mom and preteen son

Gavin and Mom sit down at the table after dinner. Earlier, Gavin asked for permission to hang out at the park with friends late at night. Rather than argue with him after she said no, Mom gave him the opportunity to try a different way of communicating. She hopes that…  Read More