Bullying: The Perfect Rebuttal

Bullying hurts

Bullying comes in many forms. Some of the most hurtful are¬†the comments girls make about other girls’ clothes, makeup, and hair. Teens are insecure about how they look, so the verbal attacker can easily recognize the vulnerable places. Bullying with Words The harsher the “put down” the better according to…  Read More

Sleep Deprivation: Why We Must Find a Solution

Sleep deprivation argument

Sleep deprivation is a cause of friction in many families that include teens. Teens are overwhelmed with activities and parents know it’s not healthy to miss sleep. Carrie Struggles with Her Daughter’s Lack of Sleep Carrie and her sixteen-year-old daughter stood in a face-off. They had battled on this topic…  Read More

Electronics and Homework

Electronics. How did we ever live without them? How can we live with them? They save us time and do tasks we couldn’t do manually. But we all need to find the fine line between use and abuse. Teens are learning about time management and that includes monitoring the way…  Read More

Table Talk: Questions to Make It Work

Family table talk can ease the pain of new glasses

Table talk in a family is the conversation that happens around a meal whether it’s breakfast or dinner, fancy or plain, fast food or gourmet. The food is important, but not as important as the relationships built and values explored. The Day Mom Got New Glasses ¬†Jackson put down his…  Read More