Consistent Discipline Is Good Discipline

Consistent discipline — one of the hardest things for parents to master. Do you have trouble sticking to your guns? You’re not alone. Let’s listen in as two teen girls discuss their parents’ discipline. Overheard in a classroom Two thirteen-year-old girls sat in my empty classroom. School didn’t start for…  Read More

Consistency in Discipline

broken down fence to portray lack of boundaries in discipline

The room was eerily quiet considering that it held over twenty preteens. The young man facing off against me was tall enough to look me straight in the eye when he declared, “You can’t make me.” My teacher training took over, reminding me that confrontations should never take place in…  Read More

Discipline Needs to Begin Early

German Shepherd puppy being disciplined

Discipline and puppies? Is there a lesson for parents? I spent Christmas in the home of one of my children. A grandson has a new German shepherd nine-week-old puppy. Although most of the duties are handled by my grandson, the entire family pitches in with the training efforts.  My daughter…  Read More

Timeout as a Discipline Method Must Be Enforced

preschooler listening to mother's discipline

A parent asked me, “What happens if I put my child in timeout, and he won’t stay?”  (Does this make you think of the nanny programs on television?) A good guideline for choosing a method of discipline is “Never require your child to do something unless you are strong enough…  Read More