Teach God’s Word…Diligently

Teach children about God

“Teach them diligently to your children…” God spoke to the Israelites about how to teach their children his law in every aspect of their lives. When we fail to do that, our children will flounder just as those who followed Joshua’s generation. Joshua and his peers were too busy conquering…  Read More

Christian Parenting: from Lukewarm to Blazing Hot

Christian parenting included teaching teen to study Bible

Christian parenting: Move from the lukewarm kind of parenting that follows the culture to a living, breathing, on-fire kind of parenting that will make a difference. It’s called “blazing hot.“ Dylan’s Story “I work hard to teach my children how to live out their faith in their daily lives. I…  Read More

A Middle Schooler Needs to Question Values

Middle schooler in park at night

Middle schoolers are wired to question the values they’ve been taught. Listen in on a conversation between thirteen-year-old Gavin and his mom. “Mom, some of the guys are meeting down at the park tonight at midnight. May I go?” “What’s happening in the park at that hour?” “Nothing. We’re just…  Read More

Developmental Stages’ Impact on Teaching Kids

developmental stages and parenting

What do developmental stages have to do with Christian parenting? If our goal is to raise children who are blazing hot Christians, we need to understand what to expect at different ages in order to optimize our teaching. None of us chooses to be lukewarm for Christ. “So then, because…  Read More

Stewardship for Preschoolers

Stewardship Jar

Stewardship lessons for preschoolers? Aren’t they too young? Actually, it’s a great age to begin. We can use their compassionate nature to lay foundations for later lessons in stewardship.  “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these…  Read More