Teach God’s Word…Diligently

Teach children about God

“Teach them diligently to your children…” God spoke to the Israelites about how to teach their children his law in every aspect of their lives. When we fail to do that, our children will flounder just as those who followed Joshua’s generation. Joshua and his peers were too busy conquering…  Read More

Christian Teen: Read the Operator’s Manual

Christian Teen

    A Christian teen faces a difficult challenge in a secular high school. But with the power of the Holy Spirit, it is possible. Dylan and Emily sat at a table in the food court. This was their last practice run for the presentation they would make after lunch….  Read More

Show Respect or Deliver an Insult?

Teen Girl Show Respect

Respect—it’s easy to talk about, but sometimes difficult to deliver. Erin was in a tough spot, but chose the high road by respecting her teacher even when she knew her peers would give her a hard time. Respect in Action “That’s enough class. I have had it up to here.”…  Read More

Modest Dress of God’s Temple

Modest dress is hard to find

Do you think modest dress is old fashioned? It seems that the manufacturers of girls’ clothing think so. A recent walk through the teen section of a major department store made me aware of how difficult it must be for girls to find attractive, yet modest, clothes. The “Daddy-Test” for Modest Dress…  Read More