Grounded from Electronic Devices

Bubba's house reminded him of being grounded from electronic devices

The twelve-year-old boy sat on the patio staring into the yard. He was mad. Inside, his parents visited with extended family. He felt no connection to the adults and babies that filled the house, yet his parents wanted him to give up his I-Pad—his lifeline to friends—and visit with these…  Read More

Be Still and Teach Your Children the Same

Be still-girl reading Bible facing ocean

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 “Busy, and How Are You?” Does it bother you that the universal answer to “How are you?” is “Busy”? What if we answered with a description of our feelings? “Joyful, how about you?” or “Excited, our vacation begins tomorrow.” “Kinda…  Read More