Independence Day in 2212?

Independence Day FlagIndependence Day is one of my favorite holidays: Hot dogs sizzling on the grill, watermelon chilling under a shade tree, ice cream freezing, kids playing under a rotating sprinkler, and a flag fluttering in the gentle breeze. At sundown, the local fireworks extravaganza will bring neighbors together and light up the sky. I also love what this holiday represents: the freedom that we enjoy in our United States

Independence Day 2212-Will We Be Free?

What will Independence Day look like two hundred years from now—in 2212? Will we be huddled in our homes afraid to go outside? Will taxes and upkeep cost so much that several families will share one home? What about the sick, the aged, and the disenfranchised? Will there be jobs, and if so, will there be incentive to work? If we listen to the doomsayers, the very worst imaginable may be in our future.

A Big Dream for Independence Day 2212

I prefer to dream big like Americans have always done. I see a time when we have harnessed power that is sustainable, integrated technology in a way that creates community rather than destroys it, and found a way to incentivize gainful employment. More than that, I see churches that have left their buildings to do what Christ called the church to do—love their neighbors.

We Can Make a Difference

Which Independence Day scenario do we want for our descendants? The choice is up to us. We need to begin by looking in the mirror, and then…

Take Action in Four Ways

  1. Pray—Pray daily for our leaders, for the children and teens who will be our leaders tomorrow, and for the Body of Christ.
  2. Research—Find out about the issues and where candidates stand, so you will be an informed voter.
  3. Speak Out—Let people know where you stand. That includes the big guys making the decisions that affect our lives.
  4. Vote—your vote really does count. Get out to vote and bring along a neighbor.

The time is now, and Independence Day, 2012, is a great day to begin.


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