God Wants Us to Prepare for the Challenges We Face

How does your child or teen prepare for a frightening experience? There are tests, speeches, first dates and dances, plays, solo tryouts, interviews, and many more fear-provoking events. In my last post, I wrote about Joshua and Caleb. They were able to enter the Promised Land because they trusted God. The other spies, who believed that they could not conquer the giants and fortified cities, didn’t get to go into Canaan. (Numbers 14:30)

prepare for college by taking entrance exam

Though We Trust God, We Also Need to Prepare

Trusting God to keep His promises does not eliminate our need to prepare ourselves for the challenges that we must meet. Joshua prepared for battle very carefully. He gave detailed instructions to the Israelites who fought to conquer the Promised Land. Book of Joshua

God honors his promises, but expects us to do our part. If we let our children believe that they can sit back, do nothing, and wait for God to deliver them, they will be very disappointed and may quit trusting God.

Help Your Child Prepare

When your child is facing a difficult challenge such as a college entrance exam, help her prepare. A student can best prepare for the exam by taking challenging courses in school, taking practice tests, getting a good night’s sleep before the test, eating a good breakfast, and arriving early at the test site. Having done all possible preparation, pray with her for God’s guidance.

Your Children Watch How You Prepare for Challenges

Your own life is an important example in teaching your children to prepare. How do you face life’s trials? Do you worry and grumble about the possible bleak outcome?  Or do you prepare yourself for battle and then pray for God’s guidance as you meet the challenge?

It’s important that family members support each other in prayer when big battles are being fought. After you prepare and pray, it’s time to relax and focus on a positive outcome, knowing that God keeps His promises.

Questions: How have you helped your child face trials? Do you ever find that it is difficult to get them to do the necessary hard work when they think God will deliver them with no effort on their part? How do you handle that?

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