Playing Outside Together

mother, father, son, teen daughter in outdoors“Dad, how much farther until we get to stop and eat?”

“Yeah, Dad, my backpack will be lot lighter after lunch. ‘Course, I guess I’ll still be carrying the food in my stomach. Reckon that’ll feel the same going uphill?

“I’m not sure if it feels the same. Personally, I’d rather carry a weight on my back than on my front. You’ll have to ask your mom. She carried each of you on her front for about nine months, and we often went hiking while she was pregnant. Okay, I see a level place just up the trail. Will that be okay with you, Kim?”

This good-natured banter among family members is occurring on a trail along the edge of the Brazos River. This family spends some time nearly every weekend being outside together. They not only feel closer to God in his Creation, but they feel closer to each other.

Families who play outside together generally have better relationships with each other. They have opportunities to enjoy the handiwork of their Creator. They tend to have more fun and laugh more. They are able to communicate better through tough times because of the bonds they form. They’re healthier physically because of the exercise, fresh air and sunshine. All of these are good reasons for getting outside with your family.

How do you make getting outside a priority for your family? What are some of the benefits you’ve experienced?

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