Dating a Proverbs 31 Girl

dating began when cleaning up the left over pumpkins in the cafeteriaDating was the last thing on Daniel’s mind as he surveyed the mess of tables, decorations, and broken-down pumpkins. The National Honor Society hosted a city-wide Halloween festival the night before. It was a lot of work for only fifteen kids. There were booths for pumpkin decorating and apple-dunking—something some kids had never done—and a spook house with all kinds of scary events. There were enough prizes, food, and competitions that all the little kids went home with something. It was good that booths were designated to different middle and high school clubs, because it was too much work for a group as small as NHS.

Today, because the clubs took home their props at the end of the evening, all that was left was a mess—one that had to be cleaned up this Saturday morning, or they’d not be allowed to use the cafeteria again. Now it was nearly noon, and several kids were making their exit excuses. In the end, only three boys and two girls were left to finish the job.

The Work Crew Diminishes

“This is great! Where’d everybody go?” Daniel complained.

Tyler groaned, “Looks like it’s up to us. You girls ready for some hard work?”

Kayla looked over at Alexis. “Let’s show ’em it’s not just guys who can work. So, what happens to the pumpkins? The garbage dumpster out back? I can’t imagine a use for leftover pumpkins on the first day of November. Come on, let’s get that cart over there, Alexis.”

Daniel watched as the girls hauled loads of pumpkins out the back door of the cafeteria. He and the other two guys moved the tables back into place and swept up all the trash. It wasn’t long before everything was ready for Monday’s lunch crowd.

Dating in Groups Worked in the Past

Daniel was not into serious dating. He preferred to go out with groups, but as they worked, he kept noticing Kayla. For some reason, he thought about what his dad read out of the Bible this morning. Dad was calling Mom a woman of valor and citing examples from Proverbs 31. Two particular verses, she “works with her hands in delight.” (v.13) and she “does not eat the bread of idleness.” (v.27) came to mind. (NASB)

“We’re finished, guys, and Java Junction is calling. Who wants to go? I could use a sugar and caffeine fix.” As they piled into cars, Daniel was trying to figure out how he could get to know Kayla a little better. Maybe, in her own way, Kayla is a woman of valor. Hmm, valor looks pretty good on her.

When young men begin dating, few make their choices based on girl’s work ethic. However, since dating is a prelude to marriage, character should be considered. A young lady who works hard will pull her share of the load in a marriage. More important to your adolescent son, she is fun to be with because of her enthusiastic, positive outlook on life.

Dating in the 21st century is different from dating when you were a teen. It’s best to keep informed so you’ll know how to talk to your kids.

Question: What are you teaching your sons about dating? Is it something you will purposely do or play it by ear?

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