Chores: Why Teach Our Children Colossians 3:23

Paul was talking about chores when he wrote: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward,” (Colossians 3:23) This Scripture lays a foundation for what we teach our children about work. They will miss real happiness in their careers if they don’t learn this lesson.

Mop and bucket ready for chores

There are three reasons why this Scripture is vitally important.

All Chores Deserve the Best Our Children Can Give

Excitement lit up my ten-year-old grandson’s face. “Come look!” For over two hours, he had trimmed grass around my flower beds. “What do you think?” His work “with all his heart” showed not only in the yard, but in his demeanor. He had given it his best.

When our children give chores their best effort, they look at the results and think, “Well done.” Feeling good about one’s work is a great self-esteem builder.

Chores Done for the Lord Have High Standards

If our children do their chores as “working for the Lord”, their standards will be beyond reproach.  Leaving something undone because your employer – or your grandmother – won’t notice isn’t an option if you work for the Lord. He’ll always notice.

Chores Done for the Lord Are Evaluated by Him

Knowing that you work for the Lord means that when men harshly evaluate you by earthly standards, you will not be hurt by their opinions.  As a single mom trying to make ends meet, I was criticized for staying in the field of education. People reminded me that I could make more money if I chose another career.  There were moments when I felt guilty, because I knew that I was missing the opportunity to give my children more financially. However, since education was a calling from God, he gave me courage to stick with it. In the long run, I pray that my children remember my example when they make career choices.

Internalizing Colossians 3:23 Makes Chores Easier

If we teach our children the important concepts of Colossians 3:23, the satisfaction of doing a good job for the Lord will outweigh the burden of the work. As they mature, they will begin to work, not because they are obedient, but because their hearts are changed. Their work will become something they do as a joy unto the Lord.

Question: How are you teaching your children the concepts of Colossians 3:23? What obstacles have you met as you try to teach them the right attitude toward their chores?



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    I’ll have to admit, I am frustrated. A couple of years ago, it seemed that my kids had this down. Now, my 13-year-old, looks for opportunities to cut corners. I know that the truth has been planted in his heart, and I have to trust that it will come to fruition someday. But, how do I proceed in the meantime? Right now, I just inspect and have him redo. I think you wrote somewhere that doing chores alongside your child not only provides together time but is an opportunity to set an example without lecturing. When I do this, He is more eager to “work as if working unto the Lord.” Any other suggestions to encourage him when he is working independently?

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    In another post, I wrote about two pay grades for kids that are working for extra money. This would not help with regular non-paid chores, but on paid jobs, you might go back to a training pay grade if he does a sloppy job – rather than giving him the opportunity to re-do.

    One technique that might help with the “free” chores is positive reinforcement when he does work diligently. Amazingly, even big kids respond to praise. Just don’t overdo to the point of embarrassment.

    Hang in there. It sounds like you’ve laid a good foundation.

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