Sleep Deprivation and Overload

Sleep deprivation and overload

Sleep deprivation is rampant in our nation. Nowhere is it so prevalent as among our teens. The consequences are costly and sometimes fatal. I looked around the roomful of teens. One boy sitting by the windows was engaged and alert. Two girls whispered to each other. Most of the others…  Read More

Overscheduled: It’s Epidemic

Being overscheduled has become so much a part of our culture that kids don’t know what it’s like to be still and free of pressure—even for a few moments. Let’s listen to an overscheduled teen who sat in my counseling office and told her story. Overscheduled Teen  Uncontrolled sobbing shook her…  Read More

Respect Elders

Respect Elders as they help teen choose first car.

To respect elders may be unpopular in the secular world, but it’s still a vital part of what Christian parents need to teach their children. Respect Elders: A Teen Perspective Fifteen-year-old Caleb is about to get his driver’s license. For two years he’s been working at odd jobs to save…  Read More