Healthy Kids and the Kingdom

Healthy Kids play outside

To raise healthy kids requires extra effort by parents. There are germs, junk food, and the call of electronic screens that fight our efforts. One of the hardest parts of parenting healthy kids is getting them to exercise. When “Outside” Was a Place Healthy Kids Wanted to Be Living on…  Read More

Studying God’s Word Together

father, mother, son reading and studying Bible together

Recently, I was in a church service in which a three-year-old boy recited Luke 2:8-14. (To view, begin watching at 1:44 on this link.) He is absolutely adorable. Adorable, yes, but more importantly, this child is the son of godly parents who are teaching their child God’s Word. In Jeremiah 31:33,…  Read More

A New Baby

I am sitting in front of a warm fire in the main room of The Villa Bed and Breakfast at Messina Hof Winery in Bryan, Texas. I just enjoyed lunch with the owners and their family. Family included four generations – the matriarch of the family as well as the…  Read More