Bullying or Teasing? Teach the Difference

Bullying or Teasing

Bullying is hurtful and can have serious consequences, even suicide. However, there’s a place among friends for gentle teasing—if the participants understand the difference. In a world gone crazy with school violence and bullying, we need to know and teach the difference. Bullying or Teasing – Which was it? I…  Read More

Developmental Stages’ Impact on Teaching Kids

developmental stages and parenting

What do developmental stages have to do with Christian parenting? If our goal is to raise children who are blazing hot Christians, we need to understand what to expect at different ages in order to optimize our teaching. None of us chooses to be lukewarm for Christ. “So then, because…  Read More

Sibling Rivalry: 5 Ways to Lessen the Friction

Sibling rivalry between sisters

Sibling rivalry occurs in almost all families unless there’s only one child. When you experience it in your home, you aren’t alone. It has been happening since the world began. (Cain and Abel, Genesis 4:1-15). Other examples from God’s word are Esau and Jacob (Genesis 27), Joseph and his brothers…  Read More

Chores: Establish 2 Pay Grades for Your Kids

Parent getting money from wallet to pay for chores

Chores can be divided into three categories, personal chores, chores that are the person’s contribution to the home, and extra chores for which a child or teen can be paid. The third group is a great opportunity for parents to teach their kids the skills necessary to be a good…  Read More