Be Still and Teach Your Children the Same

Be still-girl reading Bible facing ocean“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

“Busy, and How Are You?”

Does it bother you that the universal answer to “How are you?” is “Busy”? What if we answered with a description of our feelings? “Joyful, how about you?” or “Excited, our vacation begins tomorrow.” “Kinda sad, a friend just found out she has cancer.”

Is it a badge of honor to be busy? Somehow, I don’t think it should be.

The Fathers of Our Faith Knew to Be Still before God

Read the stories of the forebears of our faith. Moses went up on the mountain; David sat out on the hillsides; Jacob walked several days through the countryside to the home of his uncle. Because they took time for prayer, reflection, and peace, they found God.

The Things That Steal Our Time

Our electronic devices often steal more time than they save, but we don’t want to give them up. We work harder to make more money, so we can buy more “things” that require more time to maintain. We feel the need to be involved in everything, but find little joy in all the busyness.
But surely we can do something to make life less hectic…with time to be still.

What Our Children Will Remember

We need to give up some of our activities and “things” in order to gain unstructured time. When our children leave home, they will not come back to reminisce about the expensive clothes or the whirlwind of activities. They will remember the time the whole family was laughing so hard that they were asked to leave a university library. They will remember a long walk with Dad around a lake. They will remember being together for family Bible study and the lessons they learned. They will remember the times they chose to be still.

Start by Letting Go of One Thing

Look at your life and search for just one thing to let go. The peace that you gain will make up for what you lose in “things” and activities. And, remember, you don’t have to go out into nature like Moses, David, and Jacob. You may choose to be still in “your chair” in the early morning before the family gets up or with the family on the living room floor.


How have you carved out some time to be still? How are you teaching your children to be still?

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