Communication the Morning after the Party

Communication with teens needs food

Communication between teens and their parents can make or break their relationship. In last week’s post, an incident occurred that had the potential for erupting into an argument. Dylan’s parents used good communication skills to prevent temper flares and to help Dylan learn from his mistakes. Dylan Dreads Facing His Parents…  Read More

Peer Pressure and a Teen Party

peer pressure tough for teens

Peer pressure is the most difficult challenge teens face. Even good kids fall victim to doing what other kids are doing even when it’s wrong. Peer Pressure to Go to Barn Party Dylan, the high school senior in recent articles, seems a saint. As any parent knows, no teens are…  Read More

Empower Kids to Discover Truth

Empower your daughter by listening well

To empower our kids, sometimes we must take a back seat. It can be a humbling experience. Empower Even When It’s Humbling “Mom, guess what.” Nineteen-year-old Mia’s eyes lit up. “Did you know that one of the ways you can get people to open up is to be comfortable with…  Read More