Christian Parenting: from Lukewarm to Blazing Hot

Christian parenting included teaching teen to study Bible

Christian parenting: Move from the lukewarm kind of parenting that follows the culture to a living, breathing, on-fire kind of parenting that will make a difference. It’s called “blazing hot.“ Dylan’s Story “I work hard to teach my children how to live out their faith in their daily lives. I…  Read More

Respect for Parents Is Powerful Witness

Respect for parents. Is that any longer relevant? Do most kids think it’s not important and most parents refuse to enforce it? How a child respects his parents affects how he honors people in areas of life: teachers, police, and the aged. Ultimately, it impacts his relationship to God. And…  Read More

Christian Teen: Read the Operator’s Manual

Christian Teen

    A Christian teen faces a difficult challenge in a secular high school. But with the power of the Holy Spirit, it is possible. Dylan and Emily sat at a table in the food court. This was their last practice run for the presentation they would make after lunch….  Read More