Servanthood: A Witness to Non-Believers


Servanthood is rare among teens. Their own world is so demanding of their attention that they see everything around them only from a personal perspective. When a teen steps outside himself, others notice. Servanthood in Action “Wait. Where’s the box with the sign-in book, table cover, and pins for new…  Read More

Relationships: Exclusive or Friend of Many?

Relationships begin in volunteerism

Relationships are complicated in high school. Physical maturity brings with it the pull to pair off with a member of the opposite sex. Our kids are not emotionally ready for a committed lifetime relationship, and they face years of schooling if they plan to go to college. Relationships Often Come…  Read More

Peer Pressure: A Christian Teen’s Response

peer pressure from friends

Peer pressure is a challenge to Christian teenagers. It takes a blazing hot Christian teen to respond in a way that allows him to stand by his values and keep friends. Peer Pressure to Party with Friends                 Dylan joined a group of guys standing in the school courtyard. “Hey, Dylan. We’re deciding…  Read More

Humility Is Powerful

Humility includes not Cheating

Humility and teens don’t seem to go together, do they? But if we want to teach our kids to stand for what is right without being self-righteous, we must teach humility.  Humility In a Spanish Class Some of the high-schoolers in Spanish III were good students, and others were passing…  Read More