Thanksgiving: An American Treasure

Thanksgiving family

“I’m sorry, guys. The gravy’s not quite ready. Seems it always takes longer than I expect.” The family is getting restless. One person snitches a pickle off the relish plate thinking she’s not been seen. The farmer lifts a lid off a pot to peer inside. A four-year-old stares at…  Read More

Modest Dress: A Tough Choice

Modest Dress-the boys still notice

Modest dress is a term that shows up often in conversations between teen girls and their parents. They never seem able to agree on what it means or how it applies to the teens’ clothing choices. Dilemma in the Clothing Store Mia stepped out of the dressing room to look…  Read More

Grounded from Electronic Devices

Bubba's house reminded him of being grounded from electronic devices

The twelve-year-old boy sat on the patio staring into the yard. He was mad. Inside, his parents visited with extended family. He felt no connection to the adults and babies that filled the house, yet his parents wanted him to give up his I-Pad—his lifeline to friends—and visit with these…  Read More

Healthy Kids and the Kingdom

Healthy Kids play outside

To raise healthy kids requires extra effort by parents. There are germs, junk food, and the call of electronic screens that fight our efforts. One of the hardest parts of parenting healthy kids is getting them to exercise. When “Outside” Was a Place Healthy Kids Wanted to Be Living on…  Read More