Peer Pressure: 3 Ways to Equip Your Kids

Peer Pressure from friends

“Peer pressure” has become a mantra for parents lecturing their kids on the evils of teen social life. Kids are so tired of hearing about it that their brains automatically shut down when they hear the words. Last week, I wrote about Jason, a middleschooler who was swayed by peer…  Read More

“Just Say No”—Kids Need to Hear More

"Just Say No" not enough for teens

“Just Say No” was coined in the 1980’s by former first lady, Nancy Reagan as a slogan for the war on drugs. Over the years , we’ve discovered that we need more than a catch phrase.  Jason’s Story Jason looked around the classroom. This was not even a health class, but…  Read More

Street Drugs: The High Risk

Street Drugs Destroy Lives

Street drugs can cause death or permanent injury. Few realize that sometimes it takes only one experience with a drug to cause lasting damage. Because catastrophic harm doesn’t  happen every time, more kids take the risk thinking that they can get by “just this time.” Street Drugs: Jason’s Story We…  Read More

Modest Dress of God’s Temple

Modest dress is hard to find

Do you think modest dress is old fashioned? It seems that the manufacturers of girls’ clothing think so. A recent walk through the teen section of a major department store made me aware of how difficult it must be for girls to find attractive, yet modest, clothes. The “Daddy-Test” for Modest Dress…  Read More

Talk to Kids about Sex at Young Age

Talk to kids about sex before their friends do

Talk to your kids about sex early. It is best to get your lessons in before they hear from their friends. Listen in on this conversation between two school girls: “Emma’s party was great.” “Yeah. I can’t believe her parents let us watch movies all night.” “I just wish Emma’s…  Read More