School Shootings: 4 Ways to Help Small Children

school shootings artwork

School shootings continue to be a topic of discussion on television. How do you make your kids feel safe? Friends talk about it, teachers instruct about lock-downs, and TV airways retell the stories. Find the Signs That They Are Worried Because small children don’t have enough understanding or words, they…  Read More

School Shootings: A Lesson about Good Vs. Evil

As news about school shootings blared from the TV, Amy walked into the family room to find five-year-old Joshua watching the news report. Apparently his older sister left it turned on. “Mom, look what happened at that school. Someone came in and shot the children.” “Oh, honey, I’m sorry you…  Read More

Trust: How to Handle Teen Untrustworthiness

Her daughter was abusing privileges extended to her. She had a credit card for her monthly allotment of gasoline. Not only did she often exceed her limit, but Mom found out that she sold credit-card-purchased gasoline to friends when she needed cash. “How can I trust her? I gave her…  Read More

Children Dating: 2 Reasons It’s Not a Good Idea

“Are those children dating?” I asked the friend sitting next to me. We watched three boy-girl pairs walk up the steps of the football stadium. The little girls staggered under the weight of huge mums. The boys fidgeted and looked around to see who was watching. She raised her eyebrows,…  Read More