Premarital Sex: Five Reasons It’s Risky

Premarital sex is often a part of dating for the reasons discussed in last week’s blog post. So what’s the harm? The Risks of Premarital Sex Disease: Sexually transmitted diseases are rampant in our country. As reported in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, “an estimated 3 million teenagers acquire a…  Read More

Dating and Sex: Culture Assumes They Go Together

Dating and sex are so tied together in the secular culture that many young people don’t understand their own roles in relationships. A young girl sat in my counseling office preparing her paperwork for college and the financial aid that would pay her expenses. “You and your daughter live with…  Read More

Courtship and Dating: The “Heart” of the Matter

Courtship begins lifelong marriages

Courtships began some of the lifelong marriages that I have known. Every couple tells a different story, but each story shares a common beginning. They met when they were young. One couple says they met in the second grade. A woman tells me she was sixteen and he was nineteen. My…  Read More