5 Table Manners Kids Need to Learn

Tables manners can only be taught around the table

Table manners are part of what we teach children about eating. Manners are more than which fork to use or whether or not fried chicken is a finger food. Their primary purpose is to show respect to the other people at the table. When children practice the basics of common…  Read More

Healthy Kids Do Not Make Food a God

Healthy kids eat a variety of foods

Healthy kids have the right attitude about food. While we need to teach children good eating habits, we don’t want to put so much importance on food that it becomes their god. The first of the Ten Commandments addresses who will be our God: “You shall have no other gods…  Read More

Healthy Kids Naturally Make Good Food Choices

Healthy kids eat a wide variety of food

Healthy kids are vibrant, energetic, and free of disease. Much of what contributes to being healthy comes from making the right food choices. We all know that, but it seems we struggle with getting our kids to eat right. In my last post, I quoted Dr. Rex Russell’s guidelines for…  Read More

Kids’ Nutrition that Honors God and Promotes Health

Kids' nutrition important to this mom

Kids’ nutrition may not seem like a subject for a blog post on Christian parenting. However, if you think about it, God created a perfect world and provided food to provide health and energy for his creatures. Even though our food supply is not as healthy as it was when…  Read More

Use Consequences to Teach

Consequences of a bike left out can be that it's stolen

Consequences for disobedience are hard lessons. A seven-year-old neighbor had been told repeatedly to put his bike in the garage at night. His dad would notice it on the lawn and put it away. One night, his father failed to see it, and it was stolen. At such a young…  Read More