Sibling Rivalry Thrives When Children Pushed to Be Alike

Sibling rivalry happens when siblings share same interest such as piano

Sibling rivalry is sometimes aggravated by parents’ desire for their kids to be alike. I knew two sisters in high school who were pushed into the same mold. The parents seemed to think that if one excelled at piano, her sister should too. That was also true of their other…  Read More

Sibling Rivalry Intensified by Parents’ Conflict

Jacob and Esau example of sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry is bad enough when parents present a united front against it, but there are times that parents’ actions aggravate the situation. The story of Jacob and Esau is about extreme sibling rivalry made worse by their parents. (Genesis 27) Sibling Rivalry between Jacob and Esau The intensity was…  Read More

Sibling Rivalry Fueled by Parent’s Favoritism

Sibling rivalry caused by Joseph's coat

Sibling rivalry impacted the family of Jacob, a patriarch of the Israelites. Joseph, the eleventh of twelve sons was Jacob’s favorite because “he was the son of his old age,” (Genesis 37:3 NKJV) and because he was Rachel’s son. (Genesis 30:22-24) Unfortunately, Jacob allowed his love for Joseph to express…  Read More

Sibling Rivalry: 5 Ways to Lessen the Friction

Sibling rivalry between sisters

Sibling rivalry occurs in almost all families unless there’s only one child. When you experience it in your home, you aren’t alone. It has been happening since the world began. (Cain and Abel, Genesis 4:1-15). Other examples from God’s word are Esau and Jacob (Genesis 27), Joseph and his brothers…  Read More

Original Sin Concept Affects Child-Rearing Practices

Toddler's fit of rage example of original sin nature

The concept of original sin was disparaged by the child development theorists when I was in college. All my professors insisted that children were born innocent and taught to sin by their experiences. Years later, through Bible study in my church and discussion with Christian friends, I learned that our sinful…  Read More