Anger: Does Teen Need Professional Help?

Counselor helping young man deal with anger

The anger that causes a person to turn a gun on a crowd is frightening enough to those of us who hear about it on the news. But, what if you are a parent whose teen son is exhibiting the warning signs of deep-seated anger that could turn violent? Professional…  Read More

Anger: Why Does It Turn Violent?

teen boy displaying anger

Anger exploding into violence is becoming far too common in the United States and around the world. Theories about what causes a person to become a mass murderer include playing violent video games, being bullied, and growing up in an abusive home. It can be one of the above and any…  Read More

Anger: Is It Aimed at Injustice or Unfairness?

Drive not expressing anger at policeman

High school students often expressed to me their anger about a teacher who punished them for breaking a rule, when another student doing the same thing didn’t get in trouble. I explained that their punishment was unrelated to the behavior of other students. They simply did something wrong, were caught,…  Read More

Anger: 4 Steps Teach Children to Handle It

girl displaying anger at brother over crayon

Anger—was that the emotion driving James Holmes to step into a Colorado movie theater and begin firing? Is it the emotion that drives so many people to maim and kill innocent bystanders? Anger seems to boil beneath the surface in people and then suddenly explode in destructive actions. We also…  Read More

Teach Children Diligently

father using Bible to teach daughter

Does what we teach our children about our faith really matter? In 2001, as I watched the media coverage of President George W. Bush’s inauguration, I heard news commentators make comparisons between his values and those of President Clinton. They said that while both men were baby boomers, President Clinton…  Read More