Peace: The Absence of Disorder

An afternoon of peach with grandmother and grandson

What stands in the way of experiencing peace? “Generation Y’s don’t talk on the phone, right?” The man speaking on the use of technology in marketing looked around the room. A few 20-somethings nodded or commented in agreement as they continued to access the world on their smart phones. I’m…  Read More

Joy: A Family That Loves Christ Together

Family experiencing joy as they run on beach

How do we teach our children joy? Does Joy Come from Possessions? The young family arriving on the beach was not happy. They climbed out of a new SUV with third-row seating, a DVD player for both back seats, and a roof rack full of surfboards. Their clothes, even though…  Read More

Love: Best Taught by Our Actions

Is chocolate an expression of love?

How do children learn to love? Sally stood by the window watching Ava comfort her little brother. Because it was spring, the windows were open welcoming the cool morning breezes into the house. She could hear her daughter’s words, “Don’t cry, Josh. It’ll be okay. I’ll give you some of my…  Read More

Fruit of the Spirit: Character Traits We Want for Our Children

fruit representing fruit of the Spirit

What a heavy responsibility parenting is! Not only are we responsible for our children’s food, clothing, shelter, and safety, but intentionally or not, we mold their character. We determine if our children’s character is centered on the “fruit of the Spirit” (Galatians 5:22) or the “fruit of the world.” It’s…  Read More

God Wants Us to Prepare for the Challenges We Face

prepare for college by taking entrance exam

How does your child or teen prepare for a frightening experience? There are tests, speeches, first dates and dances, plays, solo tryouts, interviews, and many more fear-provoking events. In my last post, I wrote about Joshua and Caleb. They were able to enter the Promised Land because they trusted God….  Read More