Chores: 5 Ways to Get Organized

Family doing chores together

Organizing family chores can make a household run smoothly and make it more likely that everyone’s attitude is positive. Here are five guidelines that help a family get organized: “Clean Up Your Own Mess” All family members are responsible for their own messes. That means taking their dishes to the…  Read More

Fairness Is Not Always Same for All Children

Fairness of wages - Latecomers pay equal?

Fairness is a “hot button” topic between kids and parents. “That’s not fair,” your child cries in protest to a situation at home or school. You may respond, “Life’s not fair,” because that’s what your parents said. And, we know we can’t treat two children exactly same. The “Unfair” Vineyard…  Read More

Courage: How We Teach It to Our Children

Teen girl shows courage by refusing offer of cigarette

Courage is a character trait we want for our children. Some people think of courage only as being able to face physical threats. However, sometimes we need courage to face an enemy that doesn’t look like an enemy. Therefore, in addition to teaching courage, we must teach our children to…  Read More