Allowance: Should My Child Earn It?

Boy earning money beyond allowance with chores

If an allowance is treated as a teaching tool for stewardship, it should not be dependent on chores. Being Part of Family Means Responsibilities Our children have certain responsibilities that go with being part of a family. My dad had a rather quaint way of expressing this concept: “Since you…  Read More

Allowance for Kids? Right or Wrong?

Toddler putting allowance in piggy bank

“Should I give my kids an allowance?” This is a question frequently asked by parents of children and teens. Teaching money management is part of what we do for our children, and an allowance is a tool for those lessons. Allowance for a Preschooler Let’s begin with a preschooler. Give…  Read More

Communication Improves with the Use of Stories

Communication from father to child by using Bible story

Jesus, a master of communication, taught using parables. Prophets and teachers throughout our faith history also used stories to instruct. Stories are a great way to reach our children’s hearts and make our lessons memorable. Nathan Confronts David with a Story Nathan used a story to confront King David. (2…  Read More

Spiritual Lessons Depend on Good Communication

class of teens laughing at teacher

To teach spiritual lessons, the first step is establishing good communication. The second step is good teaching based on open discussion and godly instruction. Good Communication Techniques Suppose you know and use the techniques of good communication: responses that empower rather than shut down, pauses in the conversation to set…  Read More

Communication Improves with Empowering Reponse

Communication Breakdown between mother and teen son

Communication with your teen fails or succeeds depending on how you respond to their words. Let’s look at how that works. Teens Whose Parents Who “Go Ballistic”  In my counseling office, students discussed a wide range of topics: pregnancy, drug use, failing grades, not making the varsity team, weight problems,…  Read More