Being a Stepfather Is a Big Job

Stepfather Joseph with Jesus

Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, is one of my heroes. Being a stepparent is never easy. It doesn’t help that literature and media portray them in a negative way. What made Joseph such an exceptional stepfather? A Good Stepfather Supports the Natural Father A good stepfather acknowledges and affirms…  Read More

Empower Our Children – Is It Biblical?

God's Word Open on Table

I wrote about good reasons to empower kids. See Empower Kids – 6 Reasons It’s a Good Idea. What about the Biblical foundation? Does the Bible say we should empower our children and teens? Empower Is Not a Biblical Word I can’t find the word “empower” in my Bible’s concordance or…  Read More

Empower Kids – 6 Reasons It’s a Good Idea

Teen doing homework

Why should we empower kids? Isn’t easier to retain control ourselves? Let’s look at some reasons that it makes sense to begin early giving your kids the power to make decisions and do things appropriate for their age. Kids Have Ownership Kids are more invested when they have ownership. The…  Read More

Empower Kids – A Great Way to Build Self-Esteem

father empowers kid by teaching him to do laundry

Have you thought about what it means to empower kids? Does that sound frightening, because we don’t want to give our kids too much power? What exactly is empowerment? Synonyms include encourage, enable, and authorize. Something happened in my family that made me see the importance of empowering my kids….  Read More

Effective Communication Depends on Effective Delivery

Mother and daughter enjoy effective communication

Four techniques will make effective communication with your kids more likely. A low voice I discovered that the quieter and lower my voice, the more likely my kids would listen to me. Kids in my counseling office told me they couldn’t stand it when their parents yelled at them. They…  Read More