Younger Sibling Rebels Rather Than Compete

Teen Girl playing guitar because of sibling rivalry

In my last post, I listed several possible causes of rebellion. See What Causes Rebellion? Today, I will look at the first one only – the failure to be as good as an older sibling. One approach to child psychology says that all behavior of a younger child is driven by…  Read More

What Causes Rebellion?

Mother and daughter at piano with mother teaching

When a child is rebellious, there is always an underlying cause. In a nutshell, the child is trying to find a way to feel better. Even when parents are trying their best to make each child feel loved and special, he or she may see things differently. Examine your child’s…  Read More

3 Issues Related to Changing Behavior

There are three aspects to consider when we want to change the behavior of a rebellious child. Each is equally important and will be addressed separately. 3 Issues Related to Behavior Change Something is causing the child to rebel. There is a definite remedy related to the cause. There must…  Read More

Rebellion in Children Is Cause for Concern

Elementary-aged girl hands on hip, defiant look on face

When no one was watching, Isabella ran her finger around the icing on her sister’s birthday cake. Then, as if she knew she hadn’t done enough damage, she got a spoon and took bites out of the side. She then picked up her doll and sat on the couch to…  Read More

2 Ways to Bring Joy to Your Children

Asian family laughing at dinner table

The following post was inspired by a conversation with an eleven-year-old grandson as he talked about the difference it makes when people are happy at school. Children Need Happy People in Their Lives Do you know how vital it is for your children to be around happy people? More than…  Read More