Discipline Builds Self-Esteem

Toddler smiling after building block tower and self-esteem

I just read a copy of Billy Graham’s prayer for our country. He said that we have “called evil good” by our various behaviors. One behavior he mentioned was that we fail to discipline our children and call it “building self-esteem.” Actually, a good way to build self-esteem is to discipline our…  Read More

Discipline Needs to Begin Early

German Shepherd puppy being disciplined

Discipline and puppies? Is there a lesson for parents? I spent Christmas in the home of one of my children. A grandson has a new German shepherd nine-week-old puppy. Although most of the duties are handled by my grandson, the entire family pitches in with the training efforts.  My daughter…  Read More

Teaching Our Children to See God

Nativity in cave-like stable with shepherds

As I watch big snowflakes drifting down onto the lawn, I wonder what it must have been like on that cold night over 2,000 years ago. Were Joseph and Mary as cold and miserable as I would be if I were outside right now? First Christmas Circumstances…So Ordinary The circumstances…  Read More

Empower Your Child

College girl moving to dorm and saying goodbye to family

I had a classmate in high school who was perfect. He made good grades, pleased teachers, dressed well, and displayed courtly manners. In college, he fell apart. He partied all night, skipped classes, made bad grades, became sloppy in dress and manner, and eventually dropped out. That kind of “about…  Read More

Timeout as a Discipline Method Must Be Enforced

preschooler listening to mother's discipline

A parent asked me, “What happens if I put my child in timeout, and he won’t stay?”  (Does this make you think of the nanny programs on television?) A good guideline for choosing a method of discipline is “Never require your child to do something unless you are strong enough…  Read More