Studying God’s Word Together

father, mother, son reading and studying Bible together

Recently, I was in a church service in which a three-year-old boy recited Luke 2:8-14. (To view, begin watching at 1:44 on this link.) He is absolutely adorable. Adorable, yes, but more importantly, this child is the son of godly parents who are teaching their child God’s Word. In Jeremiah 31:33,…  Read More

Playing Outside Together

mother, father, son, teen daughter in outdoors

“Dad, how much farther until we get to stop and eat?” “Yeah, Dad, my backpack will be lot lighter after lunch. ‘Course, I guess I’ll still be carrying the food in my stomach. Reckon that’ll feel the same going uphill? “I’m not sure if it feels the same. Personally, I’d…  Read More